Asics EX-EO Wrestling Shoes - Custom Colorway

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Screenshot of the Asics Simulator at beginning of simulation - WrestlerStore

Step 1: Visit Asics shoe simulation website

First, go to the Asics shoe simulation website:

Simulation of Asics

Once you are on the site, I recommend you translate the site using your browser as it is in Japanese.

Screenshot of the completed Asics simulator - WrestlerStore

Step 2: Choose color combination and complete design

After you have translated the website, choose your desired color combination and then click "Customization Complete" in the top right corner (depending on how your browser translated this).

A new window should open (see image 3). There you can see your design ID and a link. We need both pieces of information to receive your design.

Screenshot of ASICS EX-EO product page - WrestlerStore

Step 3: Order product on our website

Open a separate tab in your browser and go to our website. Search for the product "ASICS EX-EO Custom Colorway" and add it to your shopping cart in your desired size.

Screenshot of the shopping cart - WrestlerStore

Step 4: Insert design ID and link

Once the shoes are in your shopping cart, click on your shopping cart. There you will see a text box on the left titled "Special Order Instructions". Please write your Design ID and the link to the Asics simulation in this box.

Design ID: 12345

Step 7: Complete your order

Complete your order as usual. Delivery takes between 40 and 80 days, as the shoes have to be produced after the order is placed.

Important NOTE

Please note that this is a custom-made product and therefore cannot be returned.